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Selling your classic or sports car


Choose peace of mind and let us handle the sale of your vehicle:
  • Professional photo shoots
  • Write a detailed and attractive advert
  • Managing and filtering contacts with potential buyers
  • Drawing up sales contracts
  • Payment security
  • The vehicle stays with you throughout the process

390 CHF
commission once the vehicle is sold

Our sales options

Online auctions

Use auctions to buy or sell your classic car or sports car at the best price.

Our auctions take place over a period of 10 to 15 days on our website, giving you the opportunity to set a reserve price of your choice.

Fixed-price sales

If you prefer a more traditional sales method and time is not a pressing factor for you, we also offer the option of selling at a fixed price.

Customer Reviews

Very dynamic and efficient team. Careful and serious work.

N. Pouly

Excellent service and support, going the extra mile and looking at every detail to give you satisfaction. A great team!

C. Ferni

Great experience! The sale went off without a hitch. I recommend 100% for someone who wants to sell their classic car quickly!

S. Kinloch

Ready to sell your car?

We come to your home to take photos and collect all the information needed for the sale.

To arrange an appointment, provide us with a few details about your vehicle. We'll get back to you within 24 hours to arrange an appointment.

Selling your car:

You're not committing yourself to anything; this stage is simply a way of establishing initial contact.

Another solution?

Want to mail your car yourself?