Ferrari 456 M GTA

55 000 CHF
Ferrari 456 M GTA
drapeau suisseSuisse, Valais

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This Ferrari 456M GTA, with very low mileage, has been imported from the United States, it has a mileage + Km/h counter.

The vehicle has been maintained at the Ferrari Zenith garage since it entered Switzerland in 2014.

Technical characteristics

  • Exterior color : Blue metallic
  • Interior color : Beige
  • Transmission : Automatic
  • Transmission mode : Propulsion
  • Displacement: 5474cm3Engine: V12 65°.
  • Power (hp): 442hp
  • Tax power : 40 hp
  • Power (kW) : 325 kW
  • Max speed : 302km/h
  • 0 - 100km/h : 5.2s
  • Torque (Nm-tr/mn) : 56.0 mkg at 4500 rpm
  • Vehicle dimensions
  • Length : 476cm
  • Width: 192cm
  • Height: 130cm
  • Trunk : 180cm
  • Fuel tank : 110L

Some expenses are to be expected:

  • Alignment of the windows
  • Some work on the upholstery
  • Locking piece for the driver's door
Châssis number
ZFF WL5 0A8 101 253 68
41 100km
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Vehicle characteristics
Transmission :

History of the model

Inspired by the Daytona, the 456 project was launched in 1989 before being marketed in 1992. The designer Pininfarina favored refinement and discretion over sporty excess, and it was also one of the first 2+2 (4-seater) cars to reach 300km/h.

Produced from 1998 and presented at the Geneva Motor Show, the 456M (M for Modificata) is the second phase of the 456. The two versions M GT and M GTA are in the catalog allowing the customers to choose between manual or automatic gearbox. The main characteristics of the GT version are preserved (engine block, design of the cockpit, on-board technology...) and the modifications are mainly aesthetic. This will become the last Ferrari with retractable headlights.

Thanks to its lines of great purity and fluidity, the 456 GT symbolizes for some the most beautiful Ferrari of the modern era and remains unanimously an exceptional GT in more than one way.

For the anecdote, the name 456 is an abbreviation of the unit displacement, i.e. the 5472 cm3 are obtained by multiplying 456 by the 12 cylinders of the engine.

Between 1998 and 2004, 688 examples are marketed with manual gearbox and 650 with automatic gearbox.

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