1971 Citroën ID 19

22 000 CHF
Citroën ID 19 1971
drapeau suisseSuisse, Vaud

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Citroën ID-19 in very good external and mechanical condition and in good condition inside.

The bodywork and paintwork have no particular defects. The chassis of the vehicle does not show any corrosion, nothing to report under the vehicle.

As for the interior, the upholstery and door panels are new. Only the rear door stops need to be repaired and the interior of the boot needs to be lined. There are also some imperfections in the roof lining.

Many parts have been changed or repaired recently:

  • New tyres
  • Changed suspension spheres
  • New suspensions
  • New starter
  • Radiators
  • New engine bonnet soundproofing
  • Engine tuning done
VIN Number
393 486 1ID 19B
Country of Origin
Former Yugoslavia
Caractéristiques du véhicule
Transmission :
Cylinder :
Horsepower :
Dimensions et poids
Weight :
1 170
Length :
5 026
Width :
1 790
Height :
1 470

Presented at the 43rd Paris Motor Show, the ID-19 is a simplified version of the DS. The DS is one of the symbols of France in the 1960s and 1970s

First sold as a sedan, then as a station wagon and convertible, it was a revolutionary car with its futuristic design and lines and its technology more advanced than any other vehicle on the market at the time.

At the Paris Motor Show on October 7, 1955, at the end of the first day, 12,000 copies were ordered. The brand opted for an effective advertising strategy by having several models drive through Paris in parallel in order to attract them to the show, and the DS aroused great enthusiasm among the public

There are so many things to tell about this car that a book would have to be written, here are some anecdotes about this legend:

It is the first car to generalize the centralized hydraulic systems of assistance, in particular the direction, the braking and the hydropneumatic suspension The name "DS" comes from two initials joined together and pronounced "goddess"), its simplified version is the Citroën ID, name formed by two initials joined together and pronounced "idea". We can find the DS in 7 different movies played by Louis de Funès. On August 22, 1962, the DS of President De Gaulle drives towards the air base of Villacoublay, when it arrives at the level of Clamart, a commando aims then the presidential motorcade of 150 bullets, by miracle, none reaches De Gaulle. Despite the DS's front tires being punctured, the Citroën continued on its way, the unflappable air suspension having saved the President's life. The DS has proven itself in racing by winning many rallies. This one is present in many films, series, clips and even comics as in Fantomas (1964 and 1965) with Louis De Funès (DS Volante), we can see it in the film Back to the Future II in which it is employed as a cab of the future! The famous DS will be replaced by the Citroën CX in the middle of the 1970s following the end of the DS production in 1975.

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