1985 Mercedes-Benz 280 SL

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Mercedes-Benz 280 SL 1985
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We offer for sale this beautiful Mercedes-Benz 280 SL from 1985.

This 280 SL, in excellent condition, has always been cared for and very well maintained by its 3 owners. A kit is present on the vehicle, its origin is unknown, it is possible that it is original or that it was mounted later.

The bodywork has no defects, no cracks in the paint and the chromes are shiny. The only defect is a small hole in the plastic window of the soft top, which is visible on the pictures.

Concerning the interior of the vehicle, it is in excellent condition, the leathers are very well preserved, no cracks on the dashboard are present. The wooden parts are also impeccable. Finally, there is no mechanical problem according to the owner, no trace of rust is visible under the vehicle.

Nothing is to be expected on the vehicle except for the plastic window of the hood.

The tires are like new. The rims are not original, the ones installed are well listed on the road permit.

Supplied with the vehicle:

  • Original steering wheel is also supplied with the vehicle, this is in very good condition, visible in the photos.
  • Original service booklet as well as the document of declaration of conformity of the mounted rims.
  • Double of the keys
  • Pair of original soft top levers

Last appraised on 20.09.2019, it will be reappraised for sale.

  • The 280SL sign at the rear of the vehicle will be added for the sale.
VIN Number
WDB 107 042 1A02 7865
103,000 km
Total Owner
Country of Origin
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Vehicle characteristics
Transmission :
Transmission Mode :
Cylinder (cm3) :
Engine (v6, v8, 2.8, ...) :
6 In-line cylinders
Horsepower :
185 hp
Max Speed :
208 km/h
Dimensions and weight
Weight :
Length :
Width :
Height :
Wheelbase :

History of the model

The SL-Class is a sporty coupe/cabriolet from the German car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz that became a hardtop convertible coupe in 2001. The name SL comes from Sport Leicht (light sport in German). Born in 1952 with the 300 SL, the SL-Class was famous in competition, winning the Panamericana race in Mexico, and its successes contributed to the notoriety of the model.

Produced in Sindelfingen in Germany from 1971, Mercedes-Benz launched the SL type R107, no more Pagoda roof as on the SL type W113, on the other hand, its hard-top, true trademark of the SL, is always present.

As for the 280SL, it will be marketed from July 1974.

237,287 units were sold during its 18-year career, 60% of which were sold in the United States. This SL type R107 was featured in many successful films and series such as Dallas, American Gigolo, For the Love of Risk, and in the first opus of The Beverly Hills Cop.

After 14 years of career, in September 1985, the SL type R107 will be restyled on the occasion of the Frankfurt show. In Europe, the 280SL is replaced by the 300SL and the 380SL by the 420SL. This restyling allows the SL to sport a new front spoiler, as well as new 15-inch wheels.

The production of the SL type R107 stops in August 1989 to make room for the type (R129).

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